Grade 2 List

The following Grade 2 Lessons and Worksheets are available with a My Schoolhouse subscription.  Try some of our Lessons!

Language Arts Worksheets

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Language Arts 2-1   Identifying Nouns in a Story
Language Arts 2-2   Identifying Verbs in a Story
Language Arts 2-3   Identifying Nouns and Verbs in a Sentence
Language Arts 2-4   Identifying Prefixes in Words
Language Arts 2-5   Identifying Suffixes in Words
Language Arts 2-6   Identifying Antonyms
Language Arts 2-7   Identifying Synonyms
Language Arts 2-8   Identifying Abbreviations
Language Arts 2-9   The Meaning of our Cultural Sayings
Language Arts 2-10   Identifying the Meaning of Words

Math Worksheets

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Math 2-1   Skip Counting by 5 and 10
Math 2-2   Even Numbers and Odd Numbers
Math 2-3   Counting Between the Numbers 1 to 100
Math 2-2-1   Using Tally Marks
Math 2-4   Problem Solving!
Math 2-5   Skip Counting, Even & Odd numbers, and Between Numbers
Math 2-6   Learn to Write Number Words
Math 2-7   Introduction to Addition Vocabulary, Addends, Sum, and Equations
Math 2-8   Using a Number Line to Add and Subtract
Math 2-9   Problem Solving!
Math 2-10   Number Words, Addition & Subtraction Facts, and Number Line
Math 2-11   Finding the Sum of Two Addends
Math 2-12   Using an Addition Table. Facts, 1 Through 9
Math 2-13   Subtraction Facts
Math 2-14   Problem Solving!
Math 2-15   Addition & Subtraction Facts and Addition Table
Math 2-16   Adding Three One-Digit Numbers Vertically
Math 2-17   Finding the Sums of Two-Digit Numbers
Math 2-18   Introduction to Half of a Number (7 is half of 14)
Math 2-19   Problem Solving!
Math 2-20   Three Number Vertical & Horizontal Addition and Number Words
Math 2-21   Identify a Dozen, a Half Dozen and Multiple Groups of Dozens
Math 2-22   Checking Addition Using Subtraction
Math 2-23   Fact Families 1 - 20
Math 2-24   Problem Solving!
Math 2-25   Dozen, Opposite Equations, and Fact Families
Math 2-26   Additional Practice with Greater Than & Less Than
Math 2-27   Practice Addition Facts with Missing Addends
Math 2-28   Two-Digit Addition, Regrouping Ones and Tens
Math 2-29   Problem Solving!
Math 2-30   Greater Than & Less Than, Regrouping, and Missing Addends
Math 2-31   Two-Digit Addition, Regrouping Ones and Tens
Math 2-32   Two-Digit Addition
Math 2-33   Two-Digit Addition with Regrouping
Math 2-34   Problem Solving!
Math 2-35   Regrouping and Two-Digit Addition
Math 2-36   Checking Addition by Reversing the Addends
Math 2-37   Adding Three Two-Digit Numbers
Math 2-38   Two-Digit Subtraction Practice
Math 2-39   Problem Solving!
Math 2-40   Two-Digit Addition with Regrouping and Two-Digit Subtraction
Math 2-41   Understanding Regrouping with Two-Digit Subtraction
Math 2-42   Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers Using Regrouping
Math 2-43   Checking Two-Digit Subtraction Using Addition
Math 2-44   Problem Solving!
Math 2-45   Regrouping, Two-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping and Checking
Math 2-46   Adding and Subtracting Horizontally
Math 2-47   Adding and Subtracting Vertically
Math 2-48   Changing Horizontal Addition to Vertical Addition
Math 2-49   Problem Solving!
Math 2-50   Two-digit Horizontal & Vertical Addition & Subtraction
Math 2-51   Building Upon Facts You Already Know. Familiar Patterns.
Math 2-52   Adding and Subtracting Horizontally
Math 2-53   Telling Time to 5 Minutes
Math 2-54   Problem Solving!
Math 2-55   Subtraction & Addition in Expanded Form, Telling Time to 5 Min.
Math 2-56   The Passing of Time
Math 2-57   A.M. and P.M.
Math 2-58   Ordinal Numbers Eleventh Through Ninetieth
Math 2-59   Problem Solving!
Math 2-60   Telling Time & Ordinal Numbers
Math 2-61   Reading a Calendar
Math 2-62   Introduction to Roman Numerals I - XX
Math 2-63   Measuring Length
Math 2-64   Problem Solving!
Math 2-65   Ordinal Numbers, Roman Numerals, & Inches, Feet, & Yards
Math 2-66   Measuring Weight
Math 2-67   Counting to 1000
Math 2-68   Counting Between Hundreds
Math 2-69   Problem Solving!
Math 2-70   Ounces & Pounds & Counting Hundreds Place Value
Math 2-71   Hundreds Place Value
Math 2-72   Comparing Three-Digit Numbers
Math 2-73   Writing Three-Digit Numbers
Math 2-74   Problem Solving!
Math 2-75   Writing Three-digit Numbers & Greater Than & Less Than
Math 2-76   Adding Three-Digit Numbers
Math 2-77   Regrouping Tens
Math 2-78   Adding Three-Digit Numbers with Regrouping
Math 2-79   Problem Solving!
Math 2-80   Three-digit Addition with Regrouping
Math 2-81   Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers
Math 2-82   Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers using Regrouping
Math 2-83   Plane Shapes: Congruent and Not Congruent
Math 2-84   Problem Solving!
Math 2-85   Three-digit Subtraction with Regrouping & Plane Shapes
Math 2-86   Points and Lines
Math 2-87   Lines of Symmetry
Math 2-88   Geometry: Solid Shapes
Math 2-89   Problem Solving!
Math 2-90   Points, Line Segments, & Lines, $ Symmetry, & Solids
Math 2-91   Practice Writing Fractions.
Math 2-91-1   Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms
Math 2-92   Practice Before the Hour and Past the Hour
Math 2-93   Introduction to Half dollar and Dollar
Math 2-94   Problem Solving!
Math 2-95   Fractions, Telling Time, & Money
Math 2-96   Introduction to Multiplication Vocabulary: Factors and Product.
Math 2-97   Multiplication Table 1, 2 , 3, 4, and 5
Math 2-97-1   Multiplication Table 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 - Random Order
Math 2-97-2   Multiplication Facts 2 - 5, Random Order
Math 2-98   Commutative Property, Zero Property, and Identity Property
Math 2-99   Problem Solving!
Math 2-100   Factors & Products and Multiplication Facts & Rules

Reading Worksheets

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Reading 2-1   Friends
Reading 2-2   Cats as Pets
Reading 2-3   Emily's Birthday
Reading 2-4   Thomas Edison
Reading 2-5   Let's Plant a Garden
Reading 2-6   Guinea Pigs
Reading 2-7   Seasons of the Year
Reading 2-8   Shopping at the Mall
Reading 2-9   The Chinese New Year
Reading 2-10   Water
Reading 2-11   Same or Different?
Reading 2-12   Let's Go Scuba Diving!
Reading 2-13   The Littlest Turtle
Reading 2-14   Constellations
Reading 2-15   The Monster
Reading 2-16   Jane Goodall
Reading 2-17   Dancing
Reading 2-18   The Desert
Reading 2-19   Our Moon
Reading 2-20   Benjamin Franklin
Reading 2-21   Leopards and Jaguars
Reading 2-22   All About Alaska
Reading 2-23   All About Texas
Reading 2-24   All About Florida
Reading 2-25   All About Colorado
Reading 2-26   A Pioneer Family
Reading 2-27   Henry Goes Shopping
Reading 2-28   Making a Terrarium
Reading 2-29   Grandma Irene
Reading 2-30   McDonald's

Extended Reading Worksheets

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Reading 2-1   Where the Wild Things Are
Reading 2-2   George and Martha
Reading 2-3   William's Doll
Reading 2-4   The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
Reading 2-5   The Chinese Mirror
Reading 2-6   The Story of Ferdinand
Reading 2-7   Make Way for Ducklings
Reading 2-8   Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears
Reading 2-9   Many Moons

Spelling Lists & Tests

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Spelling 2-1 Test   2-1 Test
Spelling 2-1 Test   Spelling Test for 2-1 List
Spelling 2-2 List   2-2 Spelling List (Long a)
Spelling 2-2 Test   Spelling Test for 2-2 List
Spelling 2-3 List   2-3 Spelling List (Long a with ai & ay)
Spelling 2-3 Test   Spelling Test for 2-3 List
Spelling 2-4 List   2-4 Spelling List (Long a in a-e words)
Spelling 2-4 Test   Spelling Test for 2-4 List
Spelling 2-5 List   2-5 Spelling List (Short e)
Spelling 2-5 Test   Spelling Test for 2-5 List
Spelling 2-6 List   2-6 Spelling List (Long e)
Spelling 2-6 Test   Spelling Test for 2-6 List
Spelling 2-7 List   2-7 Spelling List (Short u)
Spelling 2-7 Test   Spelling Test for 2-7 List
Spelling 2-8 List   2-8 Spelling List (Different short u sounds)
Spelling 2-8 Test   Spelling Test for 2-8 List
Spelling 2-9 List   2-9 Spelling List (More short u sounds)
Spelling 2-9 Test   Spelling Test for 2-9 List
Spelling 2-10 Test   2-10 Test
Spelling 2-10 List   2-10 Spelling List (Short i)
Spelling 2-10 Test   Spelling Test for 2-10 List
Spelling 2-11 List   2-11 Spelling List (Long i)
Spelling 2-11 Test   Spelling Test for 2-11 List
Spelling 2-12 List   2-12 Spelling List (More long i words)
Spelling 2-12 Test   Spelling Test for 2-12 List
Spelling 2-13 List   2-13 Spelling List (Long o)
Spelling 2-13 Test   Spelling Test for 2-13 List
Spelling 2-14 List   2-14 Spelling List (More long o words)
Spelling 2-14 Test   Spelling Test for 2-14 List
Spelling 2-15 List   2-15 Spelling List (The er sound)
Spelling 2-15 Test   Spelling Test for 2-15 List
Spelling 2-16 List   2-16 Spelling List (The k sound)
Spelling 2-16 Test   Spelling Test for 2-16 List
Spelling 2-17 List   2-17 Spelling List (The th sound)
Spelling 2-17 Test   Spelling Test for 2-17 List
Spelling 2-18 List   2-18 Spelling List (The ch sound)
Spelling 2-18 Test   Spelling Test for 2-18 List
Spelling 2-19 List   2-19 Spelling List (The sh sound)
Spelling 2-19 Test   Spelling Test for 2-19 List
Spelling 2-20 List   2-20 Spelling List (The ou sound)
Spelling 2-20 Test   Spelling Test for 2-20 List
Spelling 2-21 List   2-21 Spelling List (The th sound)
Spelling 2-21 Test   Spelling Test for 2-21 List
Spelling 2-22 List   2-22 Spelling List (The sn and sl sounds)
Spelling 2-22 Test   Spelling Test for 2-22 List
Spelling 2-23 List   2-23 Spelling List (The st and sp sounds)
Spelling 2-23 Test   Spelling Test for 2-23 List
Spelling 2-24 List   2-24 Spelling List (Words with wh)
Spelling 2-24 Test   Spelling Test for 2-24 List
Spelling 2-25 List   2-25 Spelling List (The ar sound)
Spelling 2-25 Test   Spelling Test for 2-25 List
Spelling 2-26 List   2-26 Spelling List (The u sound)
Spelling 2-26 Test   Spelling Test for 2-26 List
Spelling 2-27 List   2-27 Spelling List (Final st and sk sounds)
Spelling 2-27 Test   Spelling Test for 2-27 List
Spelling 2-28 List   2-28 Spelling List (Plural endings s & es)
Spelling 2-28 Test   Spelling Test for 2-28 List
Spelling 2-29 List   2-29 Spelling List (The br and fr sounds)
Spelling 2-29 Test   Spelling Test for 2-29 List
Spelling 2-30 List   2-30 Spelling List (The cl and pl sounds)
Spelling 2-30 Test   Spelling Test for 2-30 List
Spelling 2-31 List   2-31 Spelling List (Contractions)
Spelling 2-31 Test   Spelling Test for 2-31 List
Spelling 2-32 List   2-32 Spelling List (Word endings ed and ing)
Spelling 2-32 Test   Spelling Test for 2-32 List
Spelling 2-33 List   2-33 Spelling List (Homophones)
Spelling 2-33 Test   Spelling Test for 2-33 List
Spelling 2-34 List   2-34 Spelling List (Final long e in two-syllable words)
Spelling 2-34 Test   Spelling Test for 2-34 List
Spelling 2-35 List   2-35 Spelling List (Compound words)
Spelling 2-35 Test   Spelling Test for 2-35 List
Spelling 2-36 List   2-36 Spelling List (Final nd and mp sounds)
Spelling 2-36 Test   Spelling Test for 2-36 List

Science Worksheets

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Science 2-1   Levers, Wheels, Pulleys, Inclined Planes, Wedges, and Screws
Science 2-2   Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation
Science 2-3   Magnets and Magnetism
Science 2-4   Using a Compass
Science 2-5   How Insects are Harmful and Helpful
Science 2-6   The Parts of Insects
Science 2-7   The Human Body - Cells
Science 2-8   Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems
Science 2-8-1   The Digestive System
Science 2-9   The Life Cycle of Plants
Science 2-10   The Life Cycle of a Frog

Social Studies Worksheets

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Social Studies 2-1   Determining Direction
Social Studies 2-2   More on Determining Direction
Social Studies 2-3   Using a Map to Determine Direction
Social Studies 2-4   Using a Map to Determine Boundaries & Borders
Social Studies 2-5   Use a Map to Determine Land & Water Borders
Social Studies 2-6   Using Map Symbols on a Map
Social Studies 2-7   Labeling the Directions on the Compass Rose
Social Studies 2-8   Using a Map to Determine Distance
Social Studies 2-9   Using a Map Grid to Find Locations
Social Studies 2-10   The United States, Canada, and Mexico
Social Studies 2-11   Identifying the Continents of the World
Social Studies 2-12   Locating States in the United States
Social Studies 2-13   Using a Globe as a Map
Social Studies 2-14   The Types of Climates and Regions of the United States
Social Studies 2-15   Using a Map Key to Find Things on a Product Map
Social Studies 2-16   Great Natural Sites Found in the United States
Social Studies 2-17    
Social Studies 2-18    
Social Studies 2-19    
Social Studies 2-20    
Social Studies 2-21    
Social Studies 2-22    
Social Studies 2-23    
Social Studies 2-24    
Social Studies 2-25    


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