School District Subscription

My Schoolhouse is being used across the nation to raise state test scores.  Join the My Schoolhouse learning community with a District Subscription for as little as $399.00 a year.  That's access to over 1800 lessons in all subject areas all year.  Buy today and begin using My Schoolhouse immediately.

My Schoolhouse provides School Districts with:

  • A quality educational curriculum resource that helps raise state test scores.
  • A curriculum resource that supports your state's standards.
  • An ideal format for preparing your students for state testing.
  • Opportunities for all your students to be successful.
  • Differentiated curriculum for your students with exceptional needs.
  • An excellent supplement for your English Language Learners.
  • Opportunities for your accelerated students.
  • Self-paced learning opportunities for your students.
  • Immediate feedback for your students on every lesson.
  • Opportunities for your students to master each lesson.
  • Easy printable Results page for documentation.
  • Lessons accessible from any Internet connection in the world.
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School District pricing for a one-year subscription to

K-8 School District Enrollment Pricing Per Year
(K-8) 2,000 students and under
(Less than 20 cents per student)
(K-8) 4,000 students and under
(Less than 18 cents per student)
(K-8) Over 4,000 students
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