Classroom Subscription - $39.95

Join the My Schoolhouse learning community with a Classroom Subscription for only $39.95 a year.  That's access to over 1800 lessons in all subject areas all year long.  A Classroom Subscription provides access for every child in your classroom.  Each child in your classroom may be logged on to My Schoolhouse at the same time with the same UI and PW.  You can use My Schoolhouse to provide individuals or groups of students with differentiated learning opportunities.  Simply assign the lesson number and let them learn online with My Schoolhouse.  Or take your entire classroom to the computer lab to use the My Schoolhouse Lessons.  Buy today and begin using My Schoolhouse immediately.

My Schoolhouse provides Classroom Subscriptions with:

  • A quality educational curriculum resource.
  • A curriculum resource that supports your state's standards.
  • Easy printable Results page for documentation.
  • Lessons accessible from any Internet connection in the world.
  • Self-paced learning opportunities for children.
  • Immediate feedback to children on every lesson.
  • Opportunities for your students to master each lesson.
  • Opportunities for your students to be successful.
  • An excellent supplement for English Language Learners.
  • Opportunities for your accelerated students.
  • Differentiated curriculum for your students with exceptional needs.
  • An ideal format for preparing your students for state testing.
  • Computer corrected lessons for you, the teacher.
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