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The Moles of White Lake
By Haley Corcoran

Alli was completally aware that someday her parents wouldn't be there for her, but she figured that it was best to not think about "someday" and focus on today. Little did Alli know that she was about to find out that "someday" was right around the corner.  The next day, when Allie returned home from school, she received some shocking news. When she entered her house, her parents and Mickey were standing in the doorway. Mickey had a blank expression on his face, as if he had just taken in something unbelievable.
    "We have some news for you," her father, Grover boomed
    "Ok, what?" she asked anxiosly
    " Your father and I are going on vacation to Moleville,"  her mother, Lily retorted.
    " TO MOLEVILLE?!!!" Alli cried.
    "Its true," Mickey sighed,  "And we have to have a baby-sitter"
The idea seemed horrible to Alli, but soon she would realize that a baby-sitter taking care of them could be life-saving. But, lifesaving isn't actually what they were about to get. In fact, it was just the opposite.


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