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The Moles of White Lake
By Haley Corcoran

     When the baby-sitter, Beth came the next day, Mickey and Ali were in a mischevious mood. They had discussed before hand, their plan. They were going to run away. They just didn't like the baby-sitter that their parents had hired. Last time she came, she nearly bored them to death! Yes, they would run away, and Beth, of course, would get the blame. And that is exactally what Mickey and Ali wanted.
     "Hi guys!!! I brought some fun math worksheets for us to do all day!" Beth expressed when she arrived.
      Ali turned to whisper into Mickey's ear, " Let's do this!"
      "But first, I have to use the bathroom. Be right back," Beth said merrily. As she strolled down the quiet hall, Mickey started to think. He relised that this was their chance. He ran up stairs to his poaster-covered room. He needed a bag. One large enough to hold a decent amount of food. Meanwhile, Ali was grabbing some cans of food. When Mickey came downstairs, with a big green bag, Ali stuffed her cans of food into it.
They tip-toed out the door, and not a second too soon. Because Beth was just exiting the bathroom and was about to walk down the hall, in which, she wouldn't find him...


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