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The Moles of White Lake
By Emma Herrick

Page 4 Questions for Page 4

They went out the door.  When Beth went down the stairs she couldn't find them at all! Beth went outside to check but still couldn't  find them.  Meanwhile, Alli and Mickey went to Mole Lake.  Alli was collecting all kinds of flowers and Mickey was getting earthworns,  but it was getting dark.   Alli and Mickey where scared and wished that they can go back home with Beth.  They ate one can of food and built little homes made out of stuff from around the lake.  They fell aseep and the owls kept waking them with their cries and the owls flew down and wrecked their homes.  At the house Beth was sad so she went outside again  and went looking for them. She looked in the backyard and the entire neighborhood.   "Where are they" she worried.  She began to cry.


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