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The Tiny Fairy
by Emma

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When I went to bed that night, I watched the fairy like a hawk for what must have been hours. Finally I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, the fairy was gone! I looked everywhere. When I couldn't find her I decided to play with my dolls. As I came close to the doll house I heard tinkling and the sweetest little voice. I peeked inside the window of my doll, Ella's room. There was nothing there, but I was sure I didn't leave the bedspread all jumbled up. Also I was sure I didn't leave the closet door open. But worst of all my favorite doll gown was missing. I started to panic! First, my fairy's gone, then the gown. What could be next? Determined to find out what was going on, I started looking in every window, believing that I would find something...or someONE, for that matter. When I looked in the kitchen I had to cover my mouth to keep me from screaming. Inside was the fairy, walking around, talking to herself, and cooking oatmeal! Worst of all she was wearing the missing gown! When she saw me she started to run away, but I grabbed her and pulled her out the window '' Oh..." she said. "I must have lost track of time!"


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