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The Tiny Fairy
by Emma

Page 3 Questions for Page 3


I had so many questions for her and I started with a practical one "How are you alive?" I said still shocked. But then I realized I was talking to a toy. What made me think she was going to answer? I don't know. "Well, it's quite complicated." She said looking as shocked as I was. "I am here on a mission for your old friend." I started sobbing. I'm not even sure why. I guess it was because I missed her so much and I hadn't been able to make another BFF since she left. And that was almost two years ago. "Oh don't cry I'm sorry but my mission is to send her messages about you and your circumstances." She explained. " Oh, don't be sorry it's not your falt she had to leave." I said still sniffling. Then I asked "What is your name?" I asked trying to calm myself down. She replied "I'm Ellanore."


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