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The Tiny Fairy
by Emma

Page 4 Questions for Page 4


So Ellanore wants to find her old owner, Ameila but I said, "NO, let me come with you".  I tell my mom and dad that I am going on a adventure. They said ok.   I said,"bye" and went out the door. Ellanore and I went to the train station to buy a ticket to Topeka.  The ticket agent said, "That'll be $50.00".    "Oh, no", I only have $10.00!"

Ellenore & I went over to the corner to talk.  What should we do?  All of a sudden, Ellenore takes off up to the ceiling and starts sending down glitter.   But soon the glitter turns into gold coins.  Wow, I gather up the coins and take it to the agent and ask if I have enough to get to Topeka.   He says, "That's more than enough" and hands me a ticket to Topeka and $50.00 back in change.

Now we have enough for lunch and other things we might need.  On the way to Topeka, Ellanor and I  watch out the window to watch the scenery.   Suddenly, Ellanore's batteries die and she collapse into my lap.  Now, I will need to buy some batteries.


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