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The Spelling Bee
by Sheyenne

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"Masterpiece, M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E, Masterpiece?"" That is correct!"" My teacher, Mrs.Jones, called out with glee. ""My heart was pounding like a drum as the crowd cheered rapidly. "you see, this was "Pine Wood Middle School's" last spelling bee round until the final round! And I was a finalist!" I couldn't believe it!" Practice, Practice, Practice, really does pay off! "Any way, There is only one thing standing between me, and that golden, spelling bee champion trophy, Anna Tomas!" Anna Tomas is one of the best spellers of the entire school!" "And, I'm gonna have to work really, REALLY, hard if I want to beat her!" But, that's a whole week away! "So, this is the start. "Oh, We are so proud of you!" my Mom said as she and my dad hugged me. "we know you worked really hard to get this far! "yes, and now I have to work even harder!" I said as I laughed. then, I heard my name being called. Amy! she called out. I turned around, and, standing there was Anna. "Hey, mom, I'll be right back. "Okay, just, meet us at the car when you're done, and we'll go get some pizza to celebrate! I ran over to Anna. "hey, Anna, you were really good, today! "obviously!" she said in a hugh. what?...I started to ask, then she snapped, "Look! I'm the queen of the spelling bee! Not you! you better not steal MY trophy! Got it? Um..."Good!" she snarled and stomped away. what just happened? I thought to myself as I walked to the car. weird. "Hi, sweetie! what did Anna want? "Oh, nothing much, just to chat." "thats nice!" now it's off to pizza world! Good! I'm Starving!"

Wednesday, two days later. I sat down in the Library, at the table by the window with dictionary after dictionary when I heard a shrill girly laughing. I knew I shouldnt have, but I looked up and, there, right out the window stood Anna and, being the hard headed, but curious girl I am, I went out to talk to her. I wanted to see if she was in a better mood and well...WHAT DO YOU WANT? um, hi Anna, what's going on? nothing of your concern uh, oh, well...Fine! if you must know I'm just showing off my new solid gold dimond accent watch that my dad got me! wow, thats beautiful! of course it is it's mine! "but, Anna, shouldn't you be practicing for the spelling bee? I dont need to practice! I have brains and talent and I'm a lot better than the average genious! hello! oh, um, okay. see you around. wow. how mean can one person get? I thought. here's why Anna seem's so, uh...spoiled, her dad own's the tomas inn and suites and she gets whatever she wants. so. that's the scoop on her.

Friday, right before the competition. "ok, this is it. all comes down to this. ok, no pressure. "Ladies and Gentleman! welcome! to the annual 'Pine Wood Middle School Spelling Bee" With our Finalist's Anna Tomas, and Amy tellers okay, the first word is for Amy. Amy. Spell elevator. E-L-E-V-A-T-O-R. elevator. Anna Spell...amy, anna, amy, anna, amy..anna. spell elementary. elementary. E-L-E-M-E-N-T-R-Y. elementary? buzz! oh, i'm so sorry. that's incorrect! okay! that mean's if amy can get this word right, she will be this years champion! okay the word is elementary. elementary, my heart was pounding again. I could feel the wave of heat flow over me. beads of sweat were starting to form. and then. I remembered every thing! elementary! E-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-R-Y! ELEMENTARY! (ding, ding) that is correct! you are officially this years WINNER! the crowd roared! I felt excitement and relief! it just shows that practice and hard work reaaly does pay off! and, just because your wealthy, doesn't mean your better than any one, and you can get every thing you want. we are all equal human beings and should be treated accordingly!


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