The Writing Circle

The Writing Circle is your opportunity to contribute to a community story writing activity.
A community story writing activity involves people from around the world contributing to the creation of a story that is published on My Schoolhouse.  Any individual may contribute a page to the story at anytime.  All writing submitted will be reviewed by the My Schoolhouse staff for errors and appropriateness.  Once the passage has been approved, it will be published.

Current Writing Circle Stories

Each Writing Circle story will begin with a page developed by the staff of My Schoolhouse.  As pages are submitted, pages will be reviewed and published.  If two or more pages are submitted for a new page, the best submission will be published.  For example; as the story develops, a page may have two or more writing pieces submitted before the page is updated on the Internet.  Only one submission will be needed to complete that page.

All work submitted will become the property of  All work will need a full name.  The name may be real or a pen name.  No other information about the author will be published.

As Writing Circle stories are developed, the staff of My Schoolhouse will begin to develop questions that may be used as reading lessons and assessment.

The Writing Circle is a great way to get students to write and see their work used as a reading activity in their school and around the world.

Current Writing Circle Stories


Please be sure to type the title of the story you are submitting a page for in the box below and the page number.

For example:  "The Tiger" page 5.


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