Numbers and Number Sense

Lesson List

1-2Numbers and Number Sense
1-3Numbers from 1 to 10
1-6One More and One Less
1-7Recognize and Write Ordinal Numbers - First Through Tenth
1-11Counting to 100
1-12Recognize and Identify a Dozen and a Half Dozen
1-13Introduction to the Symbols > and <
1-16One Less Than & One More Than
1-18Counting Forward and Backward
2-1Skip Counting by 5 and 10
2-2Even Numbers and Odd Numbers
2-3Counting Between the Numbers 1 to 100
2-6Learn to Write Number Words
2-21Identify a Dozen, a Half Dozen and Multiple Groups of Dozens
2-26Additional Practice with Greater Than & Less Than
2-58Ordinal Numbers Eleventh Through Ninetieth
2-62Introduction to Roman Numerals I - XX
2-67Counting to 1000
2-68Counting Between Hundreds
2-72Comparing Three-Digit Numbers
2-73Writing Three-Digit Numbers
3-26Counting Between Thousands
3-27Counting by Thousands
3-28Introduction to Rounding to the Nearest Ten, Hundred, and Thousand
3-31Greater Than and Less Than, in the Thousands Place Value
3-32Ordinal Numbers, First Through One Hundred
3-37Estimating the Sum
3-38Estimating the Difference
3-41Multiple Operations
6-2The Symbols Greater Than or Equal To and Less Than or Equal To