Lesson List

1-5Patterns, Groups, and Number Words
1-10More Than, Less Than & Numbers in Order
1-15Counting to 100, Number Words, Addition Facts & > and <
1-20Greater Than & Less Than, Tables, and Before & After
1-25Fractions and Addition Facts
1-30Addition & Subtraction Facts
1-35Subtraction Facts: Differences 1-15
1-40Counting Backwards, Adding Zero, and Subtraction Facts
1-45Vertical Addition & Subtraction
1-50Greater Than & Less Than, Fact Families, & Hundred Table
1-55Two-Digit Addition & Subtraction and Geometry
1-60Money, Standard Measurement, & Metric Measurement
1-65Volume, Pounds & Ounces, and Temperature
1-70Time to the Hour, Days of the Week & Months of the Year
2-5Skip Counting, Even & Odd numbers, and Between Numbers
2-10Number Words, Addition & Subtraction Facts, and Number Line
2-15Addition & Subtraction Facts and Addition Table
2-20Three Number Vertical & Horizontal Addition and Number Words
2-25Dozen, Opposite Equations, and Fact Families
2-30Greater Than & Less Than, Regrouping, and Missing Addends
2-35Regrouping and Two-Digit Addition
2-40Two-Digit Addition with Regrouping and Two-Digit Subtraction
2-45Regrouping, Two-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping and Checking
2-50Two-digit Horizontal & Vertical Addition & Subtraction
2-55Subtraction & Addition in Expanded Form, Telling Time to 5 Min.
2-60Telling Time & Ordinal Numbers
2-65Ordinal Numbers, Roman Numerals, & Inches, Feet, & Yards
2-70Ounces & Pounds & Counting Hundreds Place Value
2-75Writing Three-digit Numbers & Greater Than & Less Than
2-80Three-digit Addition with Regrouping
2-85Three-digit Subtraction with Regrouping & Plane Shapes
2-90Points, Line Segments, Lines, Symmetry, & Solids
2-95Fractions, Telling Time, & Money
2-100Factors & Products and Multiplication Facts & Rules
3-5Multiplication Facts
3-10Multiplication & Division with Divisor, Dividend, & Quotient
3-15Division Facts 2-9
3-20Opposite Operations, Fractions, & Place Value
3-25Four-digit Numbers, Place Value, & Standard & Expanded Form
3-30Thousands' Place Value & Rounding Numbers
3-35Greater & Less Than, Two-digit Addition, & Ordinal Numbers
3-40Mental Math & Rounding for Sums & Differences
3-45Multiple Operations, Mental Math, & Four-digit Addition
3-50Four-digit Subtraction with Regrouping
3-55Four-digit Subtraction & Addition
3-60Counting Money
3-65Calendar, Adding Money, & Graphs
3-70Inches, Feet, Yards & the Metric System
3-75Perimeter, Congruent Shapes, & Symmetry
3-80Polygons, Angles, & Segments
3-85Polygons, Faces, Vertexes, Edges, & Square Units
3-90Two-digit & Three-digit Multiplication & Expanded Form
3-95Two-digit, Three-digit, & Four-digit Division with Remainder
3-100Two-digit Division, Fractions, & Whole & Mixed Numbers
4-5Place Value
4-10Commas, Greater & Less Than & Rounding to Millions Place Value
5-5Associative Property, Variables, & Opposite Operations
5-10Associative, Commutative, & Distributive Property
6-5Place Value to Trillions, Greater & Less Than, & Thousandths
6-10Associative, Commutative, & Distributive Properties