Social Studies

Lesson List

1-1Parts of the American Flag
1-2The History of the American Flag
1-3The Pledge of Allegiance & Flag Day
1-4Taking Care of the American Flag
1-5The United States Capital, Washington D.C.
1-6The U.S. White House
1-7People Live in a City
1-8George Washington & the Revolutionary War
1-9George Washington's Life
1-10The Birth of a Nation
1-11The U.S. Honors George Washington
1-12Abraham Lincoln's Life
1-13Abraham Lincoln Word Search
1-14The Importance of Parents
1-15The Importance of Neighbors
1-16The Librarian and the Library
1-17How Teachers Help You
1-18How Teachers' Aides Help You
1-19Custodians Are Your Friends
1-20How the School Secretary Helps
1-21Crossing Guards Keep You Safe
1-22The Job of the School Principal
1-23The Job of the School Nurse
1-24The Job of the School Bus Driver
1-25The Job of a Police Officer
1-26The Job of a Firefighter
1-27The Job of the Mail Carrier
1-28The Job of the Vet
1-29The Job of the Dentist
1-30The Job of the Doctor
1-31Complete Information About Your Community
1-32What is Found on a Map?
1-33Water Forms and their Names
1-34The Many Riches and Resources of the U.S.
1-35The Many Products of the U.S.
1-36The Many Types of Climates in the U.S.
2-1Determining Direction
2-2More on Determining Direction
2-3Using a Map to Determine Direction
2-4Using a Map to Determine Boundaries & Borders
2-5Use a Map to Determine Land & Water Borders
2-6Using Map Symbols on a Map
2-7Labeling the Directions on the Compass Rose
2-8Using a Map to Determine Distance
2-9Using a Map Grid to Find Locations
2-10The United States, Canada, and Mexico
2-11Identifying the Continents of the World
2-12Locating States in the United States
2-13Using a Globe as a Map
2-14The Types of Climates and Regions of the United States
2-15Using a Map Key to Find Things on a Product Map
2-16Some Great Natural Sites Found in the United States
2-17Reading a Time Line
3-1Identifying Continents and Oceans
3-2Facts About North America
3-3Facts About South America
3-4Facts About Europe
3-5Facts About Africa
3-6Facts About Asia
3-7Facts About Australia
3-8Facts About Antarctica
3-9The Hemispheres and Prime Meridian of the Earth
3-10The Capital of the United States - Washington D.C.
3-11The Three Branches of the United States Government
3-12Three U.S. Monuments and Memorials in Washington D.C.
3-13The White House
3-14The U.S. Capitol Building
3-15The U.S. Supreme Court
3-16The U.S. Constitution
3-17The Revolutionary War and the Writing of the Declaration of Independence
3-18The Star-Spangled Banner
3-19The U.S. Flag & Pledge of Allegiance
3-20The Culture of Native Americans
3-21The Voyage of Christopher Columbus
3-22The Pilgrims & the First Thanksgiving
3-23The History of Immigration in America
3-24The History of American Pioneers
3-2519th Century American Inventors
3-26What is a Community
3-27State Government
3-28Find the President's Name in the Word Search
3-29Reading a Time Line
4-1Facts About the State of Alabama
4-2Facts About the State of Alaska
4-3Facts About the State of Arizona
4-4Facts About the State of Arkansas
4-5Facts About the State of California
4-6Facts About the State of Colorado
4-7Facts About the State of Connecticut
4-8Facts About the State of Delaware
4-9Facts About the State of Florida
4-10Facts About the State of Georgia
4-11Facts About the State of Hawaii
4-12Facts About the State of Idaho
4-13Facts About the State of Illinois
4-14Facts About the State of Indiana
4-15Facts About the State of Iowa
4-16Facts About the State of Kansas
4-17Facts About the State of Kentucky
4-18Facts About the State of Louisiana
4-19Facts About the State of Maine
4-20Facts About the State of Maryland
4-21Facts About the State of Massachusetts
4-22Facts About the State of Michigan
4-23Facts About the State of Minnesota
4-24Facts About the State of Mississippi
4-25Facts About the State of Missouri
4-26Facts About the State of Montana
4-27Facts About the State of Nebraska
4-28Facts About the State of Nevada
4-29Facts About the State of New Hampshire
4-30Facts About the State of New Jersey
4-31Facts About the State of New Mexico
4-32Facts About the State of New York
4-33Facts About the State of North Carolina
4-34Facts About the State of North Dakota
4-35Facts About the State of Ohio
4-36Facts About the State of Oklahoma
4-37Facts About the State of Oregon
4-38Facts About the State of Pennsylvania
4-39Facts About the State of Rhode Island
4-40Facts About the State of South Carolina
4-41Facts About the State of South Dakota
4-42Facts About the State of Tennessee
4-43Facts About the State of Texas
4-44Facts About the State of Utah
4-45Facts About the State of Vermont
4-46Facts About the State of Viginia
4-47Facts About the State of Washington
4-48Facts About the State of West Virginia
4-49Facts About the State of Wisconsin
4-50Facts About the State of Wyoming
4-51Identifying the States (EAST)
4-51-1Identifying the States (East) - Includes State Spellings
4-52Identifying the States (WEST)
4-52-1Identifying the States (West) - Includes State Spellings
4-53Identifying State Capitals
4-53-1Identifying State Capitals (Capitals Listed)
4-54Using Geography Words
4-54-1More Geography Words
5-1Definitions of Atlas Vocabulary
5-2Identifying the 13 Original Colonies
5-3The Signing of the Declaration of Independence
5-4George Washington, the Father of our Country
5-5The Events of the Boston Tea Party
5-6The Events of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
5-7The Louisiana Purchase
5-8Remember the Battle of the Alamo!
5-9The War of 1812 Between the U.S. and England
5-10The Boston Massacre
5-11The Long Winter at Valley Forge
5-12Using a Political Map
5-13Using a Physical Map
5-14Using Latitude and Longitude
5-15Identifying Physical Features on Maps
5-16The Articles of the Confederation
5-17Compromise at the Constitutional Convention
5-18The Three Branches of Government
5-19The Powers of the House of Representatives
5-20The Powers of the Senate
5-21The Powers of the Executive Branch
5-22Understanding the Powers & Duties of the President
5-23Understanding the Judicial Branch of Government
5-24Understanding the Bill of Rights
5-25Test Your Knowledge of the U.S. Constitution
5-26The Independence of Mexico
6-1Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
6-2Presidential Candidate John McCain
6-3Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader