Language Arts

Lesson List

1-1Using Capital Letters for Sentences & Names
1-2Using Periods at the End of a Sentence
1-3Using a Period or Question Mark
1-4Using a Period, Question Mark, or Exclamation Mark
1-5Using Contractions
1-6Making Words Plural
1-7Naming Nouns in a Sentence
1-8Using Verbs in a Sentence
1-9Using Contractions in a Sentence
1-10Using Contractions in Sentence
2-1Identifying Nouns in a Story
2-2Identifying Verbs in a Story
2-3Identifying Nouns and Verbs in a Sentence
2-4Identifying Prefixes in Words
2-5Identifying Suffixes in Words
2-6Identifying Antonyms
2-7Identifying Synonyms
2-8Identifying Abbreviations
2-9The Meaning of our Cultural Sayings
2-10Identifying the Meaning of Words
2-11ABC Order - First Letter
3-1Identifying Adjectives
3-2More Practice Identifying Adjectives
3-3Using Pronouns
3-4More Practice with Pronouns
3-5Identifying Proper Nouns
3-6Using Conjunctions!
3-7Using Articles
3-8Using Singular & Plural Nouns
3-9More Singular & Plural Nouns
3-10Using Contractions
3-11More Contractions
3-12Using Compound Words
3-13Cultural Sayings
3-14Finding the Syllables of Words
3-15Syllables of Words
3-16Identifying Sentences and Sentence Fragments
3-17Parts of a Friendly Letter
3-18How to Write a Good Paragraph
3-19Prefixes un- and re-
4-1Identifying Interjections
4-2Identifying Prepositions
4-3Identifying Prepositional Phrases
4-4Identifying Adverbs
4-5Using Irregular Verbs
4-6Identifying Homonyms
4-7More Homonyms
4-9Identifying Subject and Object Pronouns
4-10Cultural Sayings
4-11Cultural Sayings
4-12Difference Between Fact & Opinion
5-1Identify Similes, Metaphors, and Hyperboles
5-1-1Identifying Similes & Metaphors
5-2Identifying Direct Objects
5-3Identifying Indirect Objects
5-4Identifying Indirect Objects & Prepositional Phrases
5-5Identifying Linking Verbs
5-6Identifying Linking Verbs & Action Verbs
5-7Understanding and Identifying Pronouns
5-8Identifying Pronouns in the Nominative Case
5-9Identifying Pronouns in the Objective Case
5-10Identifying Pronouns in the Possessive Case
5-11Working with Pronoun Gender.
5-12Identifying Pronoun Agreement in Number
5-13Identify Figurative and Literal Uses of Language
5-14Cultural Sayings
5-15Cultural Sayings
5-16Identifying the Subject & Predicate
5-17Identifying Complete & Simple Subjects
5-18Identifying the Complete & Simple Predicate
6-1Identify Independent and Dependent Clauses
6-2Identify Compound Sentences Using Semicolons and/or Commas and Conjunctions
6-3Identify Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
6-4Identify Exclamatory and Imperative Sentences
6-5Identify Declarative, Interrogative, Exclamatory and Imperative Sentences
6-6Prefixes and Their Meanings
6-7Suffixes and Their Meanings
6-8Root Words and Their Meanings
6-9More Root Words and Their Meanings
6-10Identify Compound Subjects and Compound Verbs in Sentences
6-11Cultural Sayings
6-12Cultural Sayings
7-1Assessment of Language Arts Skills
7-2Assessment of Language Arts Skills
7-3Assessment of Language Arts Skills
7-4Assessment of Language Arts Skills
9-1The Football Fan - Using Context Clues
9-2The Cheaters - Using Context Clues