Lesson List

1-22Introduction to the Symbols + and -
1-22-1Addition Facts: Sums 0-5
1-22-2Addition Facts: Sums 0-10
1-22-3Addition Facts: Sums 0-14
1-22-4Addition Facts: Sums 0-18
1-23Addition Facts 1 to 10
1-23-1Addition Facts 1 to 10, Random Order
1-26Counting Objects and Counting Forward
1-26-1A 100 Problem Addition Facts Assessment
1-26-2A 100 Problem Addition Facts Assessment
1-26-3A 100 Problem Addition Facts Assessment
1-26-4A 100 Problem Addition Facts Assessment
1-26-5A 100 Problem Addition Facts Assessment
1-27Addition Facts 11 to 15
1-27-1Addition Facts 11 to 15, Random Order
1-28Addition Facts 16 to 20
1-28-1Addition Facts 16 to 20, Random Order
1-37Addition Facts with the Same Sum
1-38Zero and the Sum
1-41Adding Two Numbers Up and Down
1-42Adding Three Numbers Up and Down
1-46The Difference and the Sum Using the Symbols >, <, and =
1-47The Fact Families 1 to 10
1-51Two-Digit Addition
2-7Introduction to Addition Vocabulary, Addends, Sum, and Equations
2-8Using a Number Line to Add and Subtract
2-11Finding the Sum of Two Addends
2-12Using an Addition Table. Facts, 1 Through 9
2-16Adding Three One-Digit Numbers Vertically
2-17Finding the Sums of Two-Digit Numbers
2-22Checking Addition Using Subtraction
2-23Fact Families 1 - 20
2-27Practice Addition Facts with Missing Addends
2-28Two-Digit Addition, Regrouping Ones and Tens
2-31Two-Digit Addition, Regrouping Ones and Tens
2-32Two-Digit Addition
2-33Two-Digit Addition with Regrouping
2-36Checking Addition by Reversing the Addends
2-37Adding Three Two-Digit Numbers
2-46Adding and Subtracting Horizontally
2-47Adding and Subtracting Vertically
2-48Changing Horizontal Addition to Vertical Addition
2-51Building Upon Facts You Already Know. Familiar Patterns.
2-52Adding and Subtracting Horizontally
2-76Adding Three-Digit Numbers
2-77Regrouping Tens
2-78Adding Three-Digit Numbers with Regrouping
3-33Vertical Addition
3-36Mental Math Methods, Addition
3-43Adding Four-Digit Numbers
3-52Adding and Subtracting Money
3-53Mental Math Methods, Thousands
4-11Addition: Hundred Thousands Place Value
4-11-1Addition: Hundred Thousands Place Value
4-12Mental Addition and Subtraction
5-1Properties of Addition
5-3Opposite Operations, Equations