Lesson List

1-17An Introduction to Using Graphs
1-17-1How to count Tally Marks
1-17-2Pictograph Counting
1-17-3Simple Bar Graph
2-2-1Counting and Using Tally Marks
2-2-2Understanding a Pictograph
2-2-3Bar Graph Reading
2-2-4Using a Line Graph
3-63Reading a Pictograph
3-63-1How to Use and Read a Bar Graph
3-63-2How to Use and Read a Line Graph
3-63-3More Practice Reading Graphs
3-63-4Reading a Bar Graph & Line Graph
4-27Using a Double Bar Graph
4-28Using a Single Line Graph
4-29Reading a Circle Graph
5-11Using Stem & Leaf Plots to Organize Data
5-12Identifying the Range, Mode, & Median using a Line Plot
5-16Double Bar Graph
5-17Reading a Multiple-Line Graph
5-18Understanding a Circle Graph