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How the Brain Works

You learned in lesson 1-3 that the name of the bone in the head is called a skull.  Inside of the skull is the brain.  Your brain is a very important part of your body.  You use your brain to learn, think, and remember.  The brain is in charge of your body.  It tells your body what to do.  The brain sends signals to every part of your body.  The signals are carried through the nerves.

Nerves look like very small branches of a tree.  You have nerves all through your body.  Nerves carry messages to the five senses.  The five senses are:


Directions: Answer the questions below about how the brain works.

Your nose itches.  A message is sent from the
finger   eye   nose   heart
to the brain.

You burn your tongue on a piece of pizza.  A message is sent from the 
toe   eye   tongue   heart
to the brain.

Your eye sees the book.  A message is sent from the
finger   eye   nose   brain
to the brain.

The brain is inside the
skull   skeleton   nerves   heart

Nerves look like branches of a
plant   tree

How many senses are there?
four   three   five   two

Is the brain in charge of your body?
yes    no

You use your brain to learn, think, and remember.
yes    no



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