1-8 Matter - Solids, Liquids, & Gases

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Matter, Solid, Liquids, Gases

Everything in the world is made up of matter.  There are three kinds of matter.

1. Solid - Examples of solids are a shoe or a basketball.  A solid is hard.  You can see a solid.

2. Liquid - Examples of liquids are milk and water.  A liquid is not hard.  You can see a liquid.

We can't show you a gas because you can't see a gas.

3. Gas - An example of a gas is the air we breathe.  It's not a liquid or a solid.  You can't see it.


Directions: Is it a solid, liquid, or a gas?

Apple - solid liquid gas

Wind - solid liquid gas

River - solid liquid gas

Inside of a balloon - solid liquid gas

Soda - solid liquid gas

Ice - solid liquid gas

Rock - solid liquid gas

Saliva in your mouth - solid liquid gas

Air in a basketball - solid liquid gas

Kool-Aid - solid liquid gas



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