There are many kinds of insects.  They may all look different, but they are alike.  They are alike in three ways.

  • six legs
  • three main body sections (head, thorax, and abdomen)
  • hard skeleton

One way all insects are alike is that they have six legs.  Three legs on each side of the body.  The legs are attached to the thorax.  The thorax is the middle part of an insect's body.  Many insects have wings that are attached to the thorax.

Behind the thorax is the abdomen.  It is usually the largest part of an insect.

In front of the thorax is the head.  Eyes and a mouth are located in the head.  Antennae or feelers are also found on the head.  These are used to smell, feel, and taste things.

Insects have a skeleton too!  Their skeleton is on the outside of their bodies.  It is called an exoskeleton.  Your skeleton is found inside your body, and it is made of bones.  An insect's skeleton is the hardest part of its body.  It is made of a material called chitin.

Directions: Answer the questions about insects.

How many legs do all insects have? two
The legs are attached to what part of an insect? head
The wings are attached to what part of an insect? head
How many main body sections do all insects have? two
Antennae or feelers are found on what part of an insect? head
Where is the thorax of an insect located? behind the head
behind the abdomen
Which of the three main body sections is usually the largest? head
What kind of skeleton do insects have? soft
Where are the skeletons of insects  located? inside the body
outside the body
What is the skeleton of an insect called? endoskeleton 
What is an insect's skeleton made of? chitin
In how many ways are insects alike? two



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Parts of the Insect