2-7 The Human Body - Cells

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If you look carefully at the back of your hand you can see the hairs and the little lines in your skin.  If you use a magnifying glass you can see it better.  The hairs look thicker.  If you use a microscope, which is really a super-powerful magnifying glass, you will see that each hair is made of many, many little pieces.  These tiny pieces are called cells.

All living things are made up of cells.  Cells are the building blocks that make up all plants and animals.  Cells can be seen easily with a microscope.

Cells develop into different shapes.  Your body is made up of many kinds of cells.  You have brain cells, bone cells, skin cells and many more.

Directions: Answer the questions below about cells.

What is a super-powerful magnifying glass called? magnifying glass
What are all living things made up of? skin
The easiest way to see cells is with a magnifying glass
Cells are the building blocks of all house
plants & animal
Your body is  made of how many kinds of cells? only one kind
many kinds
two kinds
What kind of cells make up the brain? brain cells
hair cells
skin cells
What kind of cells make up the blood? brain cells
blood cells
skin cells
What kind of cells make up your hair? brain cells
hair cells
skin cells
What kind of cells make up your nerves? brain cells
nerve cells
blood cells



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Cells of the Body