3-11 Black Holes

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A black hole is a star in which the gravity is so strong that nothing can escape from it.

When a huge star begins to burn out, it collapses.  A star ten times the size of our sun will shrink into a very small size.  It becomes so dense and the gravitational pull so strong, that the star actually disappears!  Anything that passes close to it in space will be sucked in and never get out again.

How do astronomers locate black holes?  They look for them indirectly because a black hole pulls in matter from the nearby stars.  As the matter disappears its send outs strong burst of x-rays.  Astronomers look for these x-ray signals, and are able to locate black holes.


Directions: Answer the questions about black holes and how they occur.

When a star begins to burn out, it .

A black hole pulls in from nearby stars.

Put the following in steps in order as to how a Black Hole forms.  Begin with the number 1.

The gravitational pull becomes very strong.

It becomes very dense.

The star actually disappears and becomes a Black Hole.

When a huge star begins to burn out, it collapses.



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What is a Black Hole