Airplanes are the largest group of aircraft.  Airplanes transport more people and cargo than lighter-than-air, rotorcraft, and glider aircraft.  For this reason airplanes are the most useful aircraft to man.  Airplanes are used for military use by the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  These aircraft stand prepared to defend our nation.  The airlines move passengers and cargo for payment.  General airplane use is all flying that is not related to the airline or the military.

Airplanes are much heavier than birds, yet they can rise into the air and fly like birds.  Airplanes have wings, which provide the lift needed to get them into the air.  The wings on some planes are attached near the top of the fuselage, and others have wings attached near the bottom of the fuselage.  The fuselage is the body of the airplane.  Engines provide the thrust that pulls them through the air.

There are many different kinds and sizes of airplanes.  Some airplanes have one engine, and some have two or more engines.  Some land on land and others land on water.  Small airplanes carry one or two people while larger ones carry hundreds of people.


Directions: Answer the questions about airplanes.

1. What is general airplane use?

All flying that is not related to the airline or the military
All flying that is not related to the military.


2. Airplanes have that lift them into the air.

3. Airplanes have that pull them through the air.

4. The fuselage is the of an airplane.

5. Which of the following is the largest group of aircraft?




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How Airplanes Work