3-3 The Balance of Nature

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Nature is always in balance.  It is very important for nature to be in balance and be healthy.  No one part of nature can be allowed to disappear or it will lose its balance.  For example if there were no plants, the plant-eating animals would die because they would have nothing to eat.  If there were no plant-eating animals left, the meat-eating animals would have nothing to eat and they would die too.  Nature would be out of balance.

Nature is always changing.  How then can it stay in balance?  The balance depends on three groups that go on and on.

Here's how it happens.  Plants are producers.  They are able to capture energy from sunlight.  They use this energy to take in chemicals from the soil and air to make food.  This allows them to grow.

Animals have to eat (consume) either plants or other animals because they do not produce their own food.  We call animals consumers.

When plants and animals die, they provide food for bacteria and fungi.  Bacteria and fungi are decomposers because they decompose (break up) dead plant or animal matter and turn it back into chemicals plants will use.  The plants start the cycle again.

Directions: Answer the questions about the balance of nature.

Producers are animals
bacteria & fungi
Consumers are animals
bacteria & fungi
Decomposers are animals
bacteria & fungi
Which is an example of a producer? ladybug
Which is an example of a consumer? tulip
Which is an example of a bacteria or fungi? mold
The word consume means to waste
to eat
to swallow
The word decompose means to break up
to eat
to put together
Which produces its own food using sunlight and chemicals from the soil? animals
bacteria & fungi
The balance of nature depends upon which of the following?

   consumers, &

producers &

just consumers



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Producers, Consumers, Decomposers