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Global Warming or Climate Change?

Climate Change is any significant change in the climate of the Earth.  These changes can be temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, etc.  Climate Change occurs because of many things.  The heat from the sun and a change in the Earth's orbit may affect the climate on Earth.  The way the oceans on Earth circulate can have an effect on the Earth's climate.  And finally, human activity can change the climate of the Earth.  For example, burning fossil fuels such as gasoline and coal can affect the climate on Earth.   Changing the landscape of the Earth, by cutting forests, filling swamps, laying large amounts of concrete over grasslands, can have a great effect on the Earth's environment.

Global Warming is an average temperature increase in the atmosphere of the Earth's surface and troposphere.  Global Warming can be caused by natural and human events.  Too much carbon dioxide (CO2) introduced into the air can produce Global Warming.  Global Warming often refers to a warming that can occur as a result of increased CO2 emissions by man. This can create a greenhouse effect.  The greenhouse effect traps heat within the atmosphere causing the average temperature of the Earth to increase.  This increased temperature causes ice caps to melt.  The melting of the Earth's ice caps causes sea levels to rise, thus changing the Earth's landscape.


1.  Climate Change is

significant change in the climate on the Earth.

significant change in the size of the Earth.

significant change in the rotation of the Earth.

None of the above.


2.  Global Warming is

an average temperature decrease in the atmosphere of the Earth's surface and troposphere.

an average increase in the rainfall on the Earth's surface.

an average temperature increase in the atmosphere of the Earth's surface and troposphere.

All of the above.


3.  Climate Change can occur because of a change

in the rainfall on Earth.

in the sun's heat.

in the moon's orbit.

None of the above.


4.  Too much carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere can cause

carbon rain.

high oxide levels.

global warming.

All of the above.


5.  Heat is trapped in the Earth's atmosphere, causing the average temperature to rise, is called

the warming house.

the changing climate.

the clean-house effect.

the greenhouse effect.


6.  The way the ocean's currents flow can effect the




All of the above.


7.  Human activity, such as burning fossils fuels, can

effect the sun.

effect the climate on Earth.

effect the climate on the moon.

All of the above.


8.  The melting of the Earth's ice caps can cause

rainfall increases.

a rise in oxygen levels.

a rise in sea level.

None of the above.


9.  Humans can change the landscape of the Earth by

space travel.

using telescopes.

cutting trees and filling swamps.

All of the above.


10.  Climate Change can be seen in

temperature changes.

rainfall changes.

wind changes.

All of the above.



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Global Warming or Climate Change