2-56 The Passing of Time

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Look at the clock below.  It says 2:00

Clock.gif (3028 bytes)

Look at the clock below.  It says 2:30.  30 minutes of time have passed from 2:00 to 2:30.

Clock.gif (3003 bytes)

Think of times when you need to know how much time has passed.

If the time is 2:00 and recess is at 2:30 you have to wait 30 minutes until recess.

Look at the clock below.

If it is 1:00 and mom says you may play outside for 1 hour.  What time will it be in 1 hour?

Clock.gif (3033 bytes)

Remember the minute hand will go all the way around, or 60 minutes.

You may play until 2:00.

Clock.gif (3028 bytes)

Practice measuring time.  Fill in the boxes with the correct answer.


You go to a friend's house at 2:00.

You come home 2 hours later.  The time is .

spacer.gif (42 bytes)
It is 2:30.  School is over in 1 hour.

School is over at .

spacer.gif (42 bytes)
The time is 5:00.  Your baseball game is in 1 and 1/2 hours.

The game is at .

spacer.gif (42 bytes)
It is 12:00. Lunch is in 30 minutes.

Lunch is served at .

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The time is 6:00.  The party is in 15 minutes.

The party starts at .

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It is 3:15.  You play kickball for 30 minutes.

You played kickball until .

spacer.gif (42 bytes)
The time is 1:00.  You go outside for 60 minutes.

You come inside at .

spacer.gif (42 bytes)
It is 7:15.  School begins in 45 minutes.

School begins at .

spacer.gif (42 bytes)
The time is 6:30. You are going to a movie in 30 minutes.

The movie is at  .

spacer.gif (42 bytes)
Swimming lessons begin in 20 minutes.  It is 1:00.

Lessons begin at .



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