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Fiction or Nonfiction

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Nonfiction and Fiction

  A nonfiction book provides an opinion about facts and reality.  All biographies and autobiographies are nonfiction.  Books written about history are also nonfiction.  Most things written in the newspaper are nonfiction.  Newspaper articles about weather, sports, and births/deaths are a few examples of nonfiction.  Poems and dramas are also considered nonfiction.

  A fiction book is make-believe.  Harry Potter is an example of a fiction book.  Some other fiction books are Stuart Little and Frog and Toad.   Sometimes fiction books almost seem real.  This is because not everything in a fiction book is make-believe.   If you use your imagination and write a book about a fantastic trip to Africa, some parts of the fiction book are facts.   The names of the cities you visit and the animals you see are real.  However the trip is make-believe because you create it with your imagination.

  The next time you read a book ask yourself if you're reading a nonfiction or a fiction book?


Answer the questions below


1. A nonfiction book provides information about

true things. 

untrue things. 


2. Books about history are .

3. A fiction book is

completely true.


4. Harry Potter is an example of a book. 


5. Some parts of a fiction book are .


6. Stuart Little is a 
nonfiction book.

newspaper article.

fiction book.

7. All biographies and autobiographies are















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