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Parts of the Seed

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Plant seeds come from flowers and fruits in many shapes and sizes.  The fruit of a plant contains many seeds.  Think about the number of seeds in a watermelon.  When the fruit leaves the plant it starts to decay.  This allows the seeds inside to reach the soil where they can grow into new plants.  These seeds are sometimes pushed into the soil by rain.  Animals like squirrels and chipmunks bury seeds as well.

Parts of the Seed

Look at the diagram of the seed.  When seeds are planted in the soil they absorb water.  As temperatures become warmer the cells of the embryo inside the seed begin to divide and the embryo grows.  The embryo uses the stored food within the endosperm to grow and it eventually breaks through the seed coat.  The roots sprout and it is now a new plant.  The sprouting of a new plant is called germination.

The roots of this new plant take in minerals and water to help it grow.  As the stem grows up, leaves begin to appear.  The leaves help the plant make its own food.  The plant becomes an adult plant that will develop flowers. The flowers develop seeds and the reproduction cycle begins again.

Answer the questions below.

1. Plant seeds come from



fruits and flowers.

None of the above.

2.  Some seeds are buried by




All of the above.

3.  Seeds planted in the soil need to absorb




None of the above.

4.  The embryo grows by using the stored food in the


seed coat.


All of the above.

5.  The roots of a new plant take in


minerals and water.


None of the above.

6.  The leaves of a plant make




All of the above.

7.  When the plant is an adult, it will develop




All of the above.

8.  The sprouting of a new plant is called




All of the above










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