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Using Tally Marks

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A tally mark looks like this .  Tally marks are an easy way to count things.

Each tally mark stands for 1. 

If you have Three Tally Marks (three tally marks) then the final count is the number 3.

If you have four tally marks plus another one crossing the four tallies then the number is 5.  For example Five Tally Marks.

If you have Five TallyTwo Tally Marks (seven tally marks) then the final count is the number 7.

The tally table below shows the birds that were in my backyard one day.

Finish the tally table below.

Birds Tally Marks Number
Cardinal tallies tally marks 8
House Wren tally marks counting tally marks
Song Sparrow Tally marks Tallies Tally Marks
Hummingbird Five Tally Marks Tallies tally marks Tally Marks Tallies Tally mark
Gold Finch Tally mark Counting Tally Marks two tally marks
Hairy Woodpecker  
Black-Capped Chickadee counting tallies tallies counting tallies tally mark Tally marks

Read and answer the questions below.

1.  Which bird did I see the most?

  Black-Capped Chickadee

  Song Sparrow


  Gold Finch

2.  Which bird did not come to my yard?


  Hairy Woodpecker

  House Wren

Black-Capped Chickadee

3.  Which two birds came to my yard the same number of times?

  Cardinal and House Wren

  Cardinal and Song Sparrow

  Song Sparrow and House Wren

  Song Sparrow and Gold Finch

4.  How many more Hummingbirds visited my yard than Black-Capped Chickadees?






















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