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Writing a Friendly Letter

Friendly Letter Writing Lesson & Worksheet - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning

People use a Friendly Letter format to write to friends and relatives.  Look at the Friendly Letter below.

  July 13, 2009  <Date>



Dear Keegan, <Greeting or Salutation>

<Body> Hello. How are you? We are doing well. Steve and I really enjoyed your stay with us at our house this summer. We had fun canoeing, fishing, biking, and golfing. We have been doing a lot of golfing since you left. I am still working on beating Steve at the game. Maybe someday Iíll get him! I hope you are finding some time to golf too. Steve and I have added a bunch of plants to our flower and vegetable gardens. We even put in two new plum trees and another apple tree. We have been watering the new plants a lot. Our dog Tia wants to know what you have been doing since you got back home? She doesnít say it, but I think Tia misses you. We hope you will be able to come back and see us again next summer. <Body>


  Your Aunt, <Closing>
  Lynell <Signature>


1. Every Friendly Letter begins with the .

2. Friendly Letters use a greeting or like "Dear" to start a letter.

3. The message you write to your friend or relative is found in the of the letter.

4. A Friendly Letter has a like Your Friend,.

5. The Signature is where you would write your .

6. This Friendly Letter is about

A football game.

A school trip.

A summer vacation trip.

All of the above.






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