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Alphabetical order, also called ABC order, means putting a list of words in order according to the letters in the alphabet.

If I had to put these 3 words




in ABC order,

I would put bird first because b comes before c (in cat) and before
d (in dog) in the alphabet.  Next would be the word cat because c (in cat) comes before d (in dog).  The last word in the list would be dog.

ABC order for dog  cat  bird would look like this:



Put each of the following questions below in ABC order.

1.  orange, banana, apple, lime

2.  leaf, plant, bush, flower 

3.  peas, corn, tomato, beets

4.  robin, sparrow, wren, cardinal

5.  pencil, eraser, write, trace

6.  brother, parent, sister, child

7.  Which of the following is in ABC order?

A. yellow, purple, blue, green

B. green, purple, blue, yellow

C. blue, green, purple, yellow

D. blue, green, yellow, purple

8.  Which of the following is in ABC order?

A. goose, duck, weeds, pond

B. duck, goose, pond, weeds

C. duck, weeds, goose, pond

D. goose, weeds, duck, pond




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