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A bar graph uses bars to show information.  Every bar graph has a Title that tells you what the graph is about.  A bar graph also has a Number Scale, which are the numbers listed on one side of the graph.  The other side of the graph has words.  The highest or longest bar has the most.  The smallest or shortest bar has the least or fewest.

Use the bar graph below to answer the questions.

Bar Graph


1.  How many books did Yecenia read?

2.  How many books did Hunter read? 

3.  How many books did McKenzie read?

4.  How many books did Grayson read?

5.  How many books did Kaleb read?

6.  Who read the most books?

7.  Who read the fewest books?

8.  How many more books did Grayson read than Hunter?




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