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The Firefighter

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The firefighter may work all day and all night.  A fire can start at anytime.  A firefighter must be ready to work everyday of the year.  Firefighters must be ready to work on holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.  Some firefighters work other jobs too.  They go to fires from their work place.  In big towns, firefighters work and live at the fire station many days at a time.


1.  ____________________ may work all day and all night.




Football players


2.  A fire can start

only at dawn.

only at sunset.

only in the afternoon.

at anytime.


3.  Firefighters work

only on Wednesdays.

by themselves.

on holidays like Christmas.

None of the above


4.  Some firefighters work

at other jobs.

without helmets.

with golf clubs.

All of the above


5.  In big towns, firefighters live and work at the

police station.

fire station.

dentist office.






















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