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The Crossing Guard

School Crossing Guard Lesson & Worksheet - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning
The school crossing guard helps children stay safe.  The crossing guard helps students cross busy streets on the way to school.  The school crossing guard often wears a bright orange or yellow piece of clothing.  He or she will carry a big stop sign to hold in front of the cars in the road.  You should always cross the street in the cross walks.  School crossing guards help you do this.


1.  The school crossing guard helps you cross the




All of the above.


2.  The school crossing guard wears

bright pink clothes.

brown clothes

bright orange or yellow clothes.

All of the above.


3.  The school crossing guard carries

a dog.

a book.

a stop sign.

All of the above.


4.  You should always cross the street in a




All of the above.


5.  Many busy streets near schools have

lots of cars.

big trucks

crossing guards.

None of the above.









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