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Spelling Test - Level 3

Third Grade Spelling Test - Elementary Spelling Lessons & Tests - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning
1. What does that word ?
Definition: have in mind, want to say
2. you behaved badly, you must stay in at recess.
Definition: for the reason that; since
3. We live  the lake.
Definition: close to; not far from
4. The Red  is near the Indian Ocean.
Definition: a great body of water, smaller than an ocean.
5. Can you  that jar on the shelf?
Definition: get to; come to, stretch
6. She will be  to go in 5 minutes.
Definition: be prepared for use or for action.
7. The cake is done baking!
Definition: at the end; at last.
8. The  on the car go round and round.
Definition: a round frame that turns on its center.
9. The  of the stove feels good on a cold day.
Definition: being hot
10. The children have so much , they don't sit still.
Definition: being able to work or move
11. We  the Earth is round.
Definition: think something is true
12 Two roads  at the corner.
Definition: come together
13. The woman  the rug to clean it.
Definition: hit again and again:
14. He is the friendly of all the students.
Definition: less than any other
15. The rabbit had big, floppy .
Definition: part of the body by which people and animals hear
16. Use the  to open the door.
Definition: a small metal instrument for opening or fastening a lock.
17. Plant the  and watch the flower grow!
Definition: the thing from which a plant grows.
18. It will  the teacher when you study.
Definition: give pleasure to
19. Give  amounts of candy to each child!
Definition: the same amount, size, or number
20. Your allowance will  by one dollar.
Definition: to become greater in size or amount:
















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