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Spelling List - Level 4

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4-1 Spelling List


11. agreement an understanding reached by two or more persons, groups of persons, or nations.
12. freedom the quality of being free:  The men were glad to gain their freedom in this country.
13. beetle an insect that has hard, shiny cases to cover its wings.
14. peach 1.  a yellowish-red fruit, full of juice and with a pit in the center.  2.  the tree it grows on.
15. screen 1.  a covered frame that hides something:  Behind that screen is the kitchen.  2.  a surface of woven wire.
16. feature 1.  part of your face.  Your eyes, mouth, and nose are features.  2.  what makes a thing different from others:  Good weather is this state's best feature.
17. agree 1.  have the same idea about something:  We all agree that it is a good story.  2.  say yes:  She agreed to go with us.
18. scream 1.  make a loud, sharp cry:  She screamed when she saw the ghost.  2.  a loud, sharp cry:  I heard a scream!
19. peel 1. the outside covering of fruit:  orange peel.   2.  strip the skin, bark, or the covering from:  He peeled the banana.   3.  come off:  The paint on the barn is peeling.
20. oatmeal a breakfast food made of oats:  I cooked my own oatmeal this morning.

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