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Spelling Test - Level 4

Grade 4 Spelling Test - Elementary Spelling Tests & Lessons, Math, Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Social Studies, & Science Lessons & Tests - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning
1. I will with you later.
Definition: say words; talk.
2. Dad likes cream and sugar in his .
Definition: a drink made from the roasted and ground seeds of a plant.
3. I dug carrots and a large red from the garden.
Definition: a plant.  Its thick, red root and its leaves are eaten as vegetables.
4. We loaded the with rocks.
Definition: a small vehicle that is used for carrying small loads and is fitted with handles at the rear by which it can be pushed.
5. The water will in the winter.
Definition: turn into ice; harden by cold.
6. She gave money away .
Definition: without charge.
7. The race car moved with great .
Definition: the act of moving fast.
8. We had a big on Thanksgiving Day.
Definition: a big meal for some special party.
9. The is open today.
Definition: a place where plays are acted or movies are shown.
10. I found one in the mixed vegetables.
Definition:   a small, round, green seed used as a vegetable. 
11. The members reached an .
Definition: an understanding reached by two or more persons, groups of persons, or nations.
12 My parents give me a lot of .
Definition: without restrictions.
13. Jim found a large black under the rock.
Definition: an insect that has hard, shiny cases to cover its wings.
14. I sliced a in to my bowl of cereal.
Definition: a yellowish-red fruit, full of juice and with a pit in the center.
15. The window keeps bugs out .
Definition: a surface of woven wire.
16. What of the house do you like best?
Definition: what makes a thing different from others.
17. We both to that idea.
Definition: have the same idea about something.
18. We heard a loud come from the other room.
Definition: make a loud, sharp cry.
19. I will the apple with a knife.
Definition: strip the skin, bark, or the covering from.
20. I always put sugar on .
Definition: a breakfast food made of grain.














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