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Spelling Test - Level 5

Fifth Grade Spelling Test - Elementary Spelling Lessons & Tests - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning
1. He used the bucket to  water from the boat.
Definition: a container used to remove water from a boat.
2. She had an  in her foot.
Definition: a steady pain
3. The  waited to see the doctor.
Definition: a person who is being treated by a doctor.
4. She wore  on her teeth.
Definition: metal wires used to straighten crooked teeth.
5. The  brought us a fine meal.
Definition: a man who waits on table and brings food in a restaurant.
6. He will  that we owe him money.
Definition: a demand for something due or believed to be due.
7. The policeman took the  from the witness.
Definition: a report of facts or opinions.
8. The woman is known to be very .
Definition: able to cause harm; not safe.
9. The cake had one  of frosting.
Definition: one fold or a flat mass
10. The candidate will  for reelection.
Definition: a connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result.
11. She brought the teacher a .
Definition: a wild flower, usually white with a yellow center.
12 He wore an  when he grilled food.
Definition: a covering worn over the front of the body to protect clothes
13. The mechanic will  the car.
Definition: put in good shape again.
14. She used  to send letters to her friend.
Definition: writing paper, cards, and envelopes.
15. She put some  on the hook.
Definition: something used to lure onto a hook or into a trap.
16. They served the food on a silver .
Definition: a kind of large plate with a raised edge.
17. We showed great  waiting for the money.
Definition: waiting quietly for something you want very much.
18. The  brought us some great food.
Definition: a woman who waits on table and brings food in a restaurant.
19. He put  on his potatoes.
Definition: the juice that comes out of meat when it is cooked.
20. We are  of getting an A in spelling.
Definition: having the ability to















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