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Our solar system contains eight planets.  They are out in space.  Our planet is called Earth.   All of the planets go around the sun.  The sun is the center of our solar system.  Each planet has its own special path which is called an orbit.  Let's look at the eight planets and what makes each one special.


Order from Sun

Special Things

Mercury 1st planet very small
Venus 2nd planet next to Earth
Earth 3rd planet has living things
Mars 4th planet red in color
Jupiter 5th planet biggest planet
Saturn 6th planet beautiful rings
Uranus 7th planet bigger than Earth
Neptune 8th planet bigger than Earth
Pluto dwarf planet frozen planet

Directions: Answer the questions about the eight planets.

There are eight planets in our solar system.
yes no

Earth is the largest planet in our solar system.
yes no

Saturn and Earth have rings.
yes no

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
yes no

Mars is blue in color.
yes no

Jupiter is the biggest planet.
yes no

Venus is the third planet from the sun.
yes no

Earth is the only planet that has living things on it.
yes no

It is very hot on the dwarf planet, Pluto.
yes no

Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.
yes no














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