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Idioms or Cultural Sayings

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Sayings are statements that describe our culture.  For example, "Seeing is believing" means you may not believe something until you actually see it.  This is also called an idiom.  An idiom is an expression that cannot be understood by the literal meaning of the words, as in "Rule of thumb."  We know the thumb does not rule, but we know this idiom to mean, a rough estimate from past experience.

Match the saying with the true meaning below.

A. Wolf in sheep's clothing.   B. Give the devil his due.
C. Tenderfoot. D. Nose out of joint.
E. Rule of thumb. F. Pot calling the kettle black.
G. To bite the dust. H. Strike while the iron is hot.
I. Eat humble pie. J. There's more than one way to skin a cat.
K. R.I.P. L. Catch as catch can.
M. A stitch in time saves nine. N. Rome wasn't built in a day.


General principle, or rough estimate from experience.
To admit your mistakes in an unpleasant situation.
Even if you don't like someone you can still give him or her credit for his or her good points.
Rest In Peace.
It takes a long time to achieve great things.
Someone that is annoyed.
By taking a little time early, one can save a lot of time later.
When someone is defeated.
Someone that appears friendly and harmless but who is really dangerous or untrustworthy.
One can make due with what one has available now.
To do something while circumstances are in your favor.
Criticizing someone for having a fault that you have yourself.
There are many ways to accomplish something, if it doesn't work one way, try another.
Someone who hasn't had much experience at something.
















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