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Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are - Elementary Reading Lessons & Tests - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning

Questions for the book by Maurice Sendak

1.  What did Max's mother call him the night he wore his wolf suit?


Wild Thing

a naughty boy

2.  What grew in Max's room that very night?

a forest

a flower

a garden

3.  What hung from his bedroom ceiling?




4.  What did Max sail on in his private boat?

a river

an ocean

a lake

5.  How did Max tame the wild things?

He stared into their yellow eyes without blinking once.

He snapped his fingers.

He touched them with a magic stick.

6.  The wild things called Max the most wild thing of all and

said he was mean.

told him to go home.

made him the king of all wild things.

7.  What did Max do after the wild rumpus?

He sent the wild things off to bed with no supper.

He sailed back home.

He cried.

8.  Why did Max give up being king of where the wild things are?

He smelled good things to eat.

He was scared of the wild things.

He was cold.

9.  What did the wild things say to Max when he was leaving?

"Oh please go, and never come back."

"Oh please don't go - we'll eat you up - we love you so!"

"We will miss you so!"

10.  Max sailed back over a year and in and out of week and through a day and into the night and ended up where?

At his grandparents house.

In the kitchen of his very own house.

In his very own room.

11.  What was waiting for Max?

his parents

his supper

the wild things





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