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1.  What is the news Peter is given as Chapter 1 begins?

He's the smartest kid in the fifth grade.

His mom is going to have a baby.

His parents are getting divorced.

2.  What is Peter's younger brother's name?




3. Who is Peter's best friend?

his grandmother


Jimmy Fargo

4.  What happened on the day Peter's fifth grade class was on a trip to the metropolitan Museum of Art?

His sister was born.

His brother was born.

His mom had twin boys.

5.  What game is Fudge playing with Tootsie?




6.  What did Fudge try to do whenever the Hatcher family had company?

He played Candyland with them.

He'd try to give away or pay someone to take Tootsie.

He went home with them.

7.  What does Peter realize about his ears at the end of Chapter 2?

They are big.

They are little.

That he cannot hear.

8.  What was Peter's mom going to go back to college for?

a degree in dentistry

a degree in art history

a degree in nursing

9.  When Tootsie dreams and lets out a small sigh, who does she remind Peter of?

Turtle, the dog

Turtle, the cat

Turtle, the turtle

10.  What news do Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher share with the children in Chapter 3?

They are getting divorced.

The family will be moving to Central Park.

The family will be moving to Princeton, New Jersey.

11.  Why did Jimmy Fargo threaten never to talk to Peter again?

Peter was going to move away.

Peter liked Sheila Tubman.

Peter said he was no longer his friend.

12.  Who is the one person who is glad Peter is moving?

Sheila Tubman

Henry, the elevator man

Peter's teacher

13.  What did Peter's mom do that caused Peter to ask the question, "I thought you don't believe in violence?"

She smacked Peter when he talked back to her.

She smacked Turtle.

She smacked Fudge on his backside.










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