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Latitude and Longitude

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Longitude is the angular distance east or west, between the meridian of a particular place and that of Greenwich, England, expressed in degrees or time.  Each Longitudinal Line is marked with a measurement of degree east or west.

Latitude is the angular distance north or south from the equator, measured in degrees on the meridian of a point.  Each latitudinal line is marked with a measurement of degree north or south.

Look at the map below.

Latitude and Longitude


The map below is a Mercator Map.  Use the map below to answer the following questions.

Mercator Map

1. What US state is located south of 40 degrees latitude and -120 degrees longitude? 

2. What continent is located south of 10 degrees latitude? 

3. What country does the 50 degrees latitudinal line cross? 

4. If you stand at 20 degrees latitude and -100 degrees longitude, you will be in

5. What ocean does the -120 degrees longitude line cross?  Ocean.

6. What ocean does the -60 degrees longitude line cross?  Ocean.

7. The state of Texas lies at degrees latitude and degrees longitude.

8. Most of Florida is below the degree latitude line.

9. The Great Lakes can be found below degrees latitude and above degrees latitude.




















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