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Geography Vocabulary

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Match the geography vocabulary with its meaning.

Basin A. Area of land that is wet year round and in which grasses, shrubs, and trees grow.
Bay B. A huge mass of slowly moving ice.
Canyon C. A dry area that receives so little rain that few plants or animals can survive there.
Cape D. An area of an ocean, sea, or lake that extends into the land.
Continent E. A large amount of flowing fresh water to a lake or ocean.
Country F. Land that rises many feet into the air and is higher than a hill or surrounding area.
Desert G. A piece of land that extends out into the ocean.
Glacier H. A piece of land that extends out into the water and is almost completely surrounded by water.
Gulf I. An area of land that is lower than the surrounding land.
Hill J. A long low lying area that is usually surrounded by hills or mountains.
Island K. Large area of level land that is higher than the land surrounding it.
Lake L. Land that is completely surrounded by water.
Mountain M. A huge land mass.  There are seven of these.
Mouth N. A large part of the ocean that extends into the land and is larger than a bay.
Ocean O. A narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water.
Peninsula P. A body of water that is completely surrounded by land.  Usually fresh water.
Plain Q. An independent nation with a boundary and name.
Plateau R. The northern and southern most points on the Earth.
Poles S. The lower end of a river where the water flows into another body of water.
River T. A deep and narrow valley often with a river on its floor.
Sea U. A huge area of salt water.  There are four of these.
Strait V. Part of an ocean that has been identified as a distinct body of water.
Swamp W. A land that rises to a summit of no more than 1000 feet.
Valley X. Large area of flat or gently rolling land.










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