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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree Lesson & Worksheet - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning

 Questions for the book "The Giving Tree"

1.  Is the tree in the story a boy or a girl?

a boy

a girl

2.  What did the little boy gather from the tree?




3.  What part of the tree did the little boy swing from?

the branches

the leaves

the twigs

4.  When the little boy was tired where did he sleep?

on the branches

in his bed

in the shade

5.  When was the tree often alone?

When the boy was older.

When it was winter.

When it died.

6.  Why did the boy not want to climb the trunk, and swing from the branches of the tree?

He was too big.

He was sad.

He didn't like the tree anymore.

7.  What did the boy gather from the tree to sell?




8.  What did the boy want for a wife and children?

He wanted to be happy.

He wanted the tree's apples.

He wanted a house.

9.  What part of the tree did the boy use to make himself a boat?




10.  What did the tree give to the boy at the end of the book?

A stump to sit down and rest upon.


branches to swing on

11.  How did the tree feel at the end of the story?

The tree was very, very sad.

The tree was happy.

The tree did not feel anything.


















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