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Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (Ch. 1-3))

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Questions About Mrs. Frisby &
 the Rats of NIMH  (Ch. 1-3)

1.  What season is it as the story Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM begins?






2.  Where do Mrs. Frisby and her four children live?

They live in an asparagus patch.

They live in Mr. Fitzgibbon's barn.

They live in an underground house of a vegetable garden.

3.  Which significant incident occurs in Chapter One?

Mrs. Frisby meets Mr. Ages the white mouse.

Timothy, the youngest son is very sick.

Mr. Fitzgibbon begins to plow.

4.  Where did Mrs. Frisby find a supply of food carefully stored and hidden by someone else?

She found it in a stump.

She found it in the barn.

She found it in a hollowed out fence post.

5. Martin checks on Timothy.  What does he do to determine if he is sick?

He took his pulse.

He looks at his eyes and says they are watery.

He feels his forehead and says it's burning hot.

6. Mrs. Frisby admits that Timothy is something of a hypochondriac.  Which of the following best defines the word "hypochondriac?"

One who gets seriously ill, very often.

One who often complains about imaginary illnesses.

One who wants to study about medicine.

7.  Which of the following best describes Timothy's "delirious" condition at the end of Chapter One?

He is experiencing nightmares about monsters and cats, due to a very high fever.

He is vomiting and has stomach pains.

He will not eat.

8.  What creature is not a danger to Mrs. Frisby and her family in the winter?


Mr. Ages


9.  What did Mr. Ages make that was needed by Mrs. Frisby?

He made trips to the animal hospital.

He made chicken soup.

He made draughts and powders that helped the sick.

10.  Timothy is characterized as a frail mouse.  Which of the following are synonyms for the word "frail?"

robust, sturdy, firm

strange, ghostly, weird

feeble, breakable, tender

11.  In Chapter Three, the reader is given insight into Mrs. Frisby's daughter Cynthia.  How is Cynthia described?

She is unkind and makes fun of her brothers and sisters.

She is a very smart mouse who enjoys reading.

She is small and scatterbrained.

12. Mrs. Frisby reflects upon a comment made by her husband, "The size of the brain is no measure of its capacity."  What is meant by this?

The size of the brain doesn't reflect what it is capable of.

The size of the brain determines what it is capable of.

A birdbrain is very small and capable of very little.

13.  Mrs. Frisby gets a ride on the back of the crow.  Why does she think the crow was going to drop her off of his back?

While flying, he banked alarmingly.

He flew into the branch of a tree.

He came to a very sudden stop.

14.  Which of the following phrases best summarizes the incident that occurred between Jeremy and Mrs. Frisby?

A stitch in time saves nine.

One good turn deserves another.

The early bird gets the worm.















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