301 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

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1.  As the family sits around the big kitchen table on Saturday morning, who is flipping pancakes?




2.  What is the name of the town in the bedtime story?

New England



3.  Where did the food supply come from in this town?

It came from the sky.

It came from another country.

It came from the farmers.

4.  What would the weather report include?

An idea for a new recipe.

A small helping of ice cream.

A prediction for the next day's food.

5.  What job did the Sanitation Department do?

It didn't do anything.

It ordered food and delivered it.

It removed food that fell on houses, sidewalks, and lawns.

6.  What kind of fog did the people get stuck in one day?

pea soup fog

tomato soup fog

spaghetti fog

7.  What nearly flooded the town the day there was a storm of pancakes?



maple syrup

8.  What did people eat the day they all ended up with a stomach ache?

cream cheese and jelly sandwiches

bread and rolls

Gorgonzola cheese

9.  Why did the people decide to abandon the city?

It was the only way they would survive.

They were getting sick.

They were tired of eating so much food.

10.  On what did the people set sail for a new land?

They rode on top of giant meatballs.

They made boats out of bananas.

They made rafts with stale bread and peanut butter.

11.  The people arrived at a small coastal town and build temporary houses.  What was the biggest change for them in this new land?

They had to buy food at the supermarket.

They build their houses out of stale bread.

They could not go to school.

12.  What did the children think they saw as they were sliding down the snow hill?

They thought they saw Grandpa sitting in a bowl of mashed potatoes.

They thought they saw a giant pat of butter at the top of the hill.

They thought they saw meatballs falling from the sky.



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