302 A Promise is a Promise

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1.  Why does mother tell Allashua not to go fishing in the ocean?

Qallupilluit live under the ice and grab children who aren't with their parents.

She wants her to help her at home.

It is too late to go fishing.

2.  Why did Allashua think her mother was wrong?

She never saw the Qallupilluit on TV.

She didn't see any Qallupilluit in the large ocean cracks.

She did not think her mother was telling the truth.

3.  Put the following comment in order as Allashua said them.  Use 1, 2, and 3

"Qallupilluti smell like a dead whale in the summer."

"Qallupilluit, Qallupilluit can't catch me!"

"Qallupilluit have dirty noses."

4.  What does the voice from behind Allashua say?

"Qallupilluit smell like a dead whale in the summer."

"Qallupilluit have dirty noses."

"The best you may be, but the smartest you are not."

5.  What do Qallupilluit catch?

a dead whale

ten fish


6.  Which of the following is the last line to the song that the Qallupilluit sing as they drag Allashua down under the sea ice?

Ours to hold under the ice.

Human child, human child

Forget your mother, forget your brother,

7.  What does Allashua promise to bring the Qallupilluit if they let her go?

her mother

her brothers and sisters

her father

8.  Where did Allashua's father find her?

He finds her with the Qallupilluit.

He finds her in an ocean crack.

He finds her almost at the back door frozen to the snow.

9.  Which of the following did Allashua tell her parents?  Click on all that are true.

I went to the cracks in the sea ice.

I called the Qallupilluit nasty names.

I said they were dumb.

I promised to take my sisters and brothers to the cracks in the sea ice.

10.  What did the Qallupilluit begin calling out when mother and father begged for their children back?

"You have hearts of ice."

"A promise is a promise."

"Say goodbye to your children."

11.  Why did the children question why their mother was dancing?

It was not a happy time.

She liked to dance with her husband.

They were afraid she might fall in the cracks.

12.  Everyone went inside and first mother gave her children and the Qallupilluit some bread. What did she give them next?




13.  What did the children do when their father, mother, and the Qallupilluit were dancing?

They went to the crack in the sea ice.

They started dancing too.

They went inside and ate cookies.

14.  Why did Allashua say the Qallupilluit could not take her brothers and sisters?

She did not want to keep the promise.

When she brought them to the sea ice the Qallupilluit were not there.

She was mad at them.

15.  Why did the whole ocean of ice become perfectly smooth?

The Qallupilluit jumped down to the bottom and took the cracks with them.

All of the ice melted and became smooth.

It began to rain and froze the cracks shut.

16.  Why was Allashua not happy while fishing with her family?

She did not want to go fishing.

She was mad at her parents.

She could hear the Qallupilluit singing.



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