303 Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs

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1.  Who did Tommy and his family go visit every Sunday when he was a little boy?

His aunt and uncle.

His grandmother and grandfather.

His grandmother and great-grandmother.

2.  Where were the candy mints located?

In a sewing box on the dresser.

In the kitchen cupboard.

Under the bed.

3. Who did Nana Downstairs tie to a big Morris chair?

Grandfather Tom

Nana Upstairs


4.  What was Tommy talking about when he said "Now make the cow's tail?"

He was talking about Nana Downstair's hair.

He was talking about a ribbon.

He was talking about Nana Upstair's hair.

5.  What did Tommy's older brother say that Nana Upstairs looked like with her hair all down around her shoulders?

his mother

a princess

a witch

6.  Who took movies of the whole family?

Grandfather Tom

Tommy's father

Nana Downstairs

7.  How does Tommy's mother explain what died means?

It means that Nana Upstairs has gone to heaven.

It means that Nana Upstairs won't be here anymore.

It means that Nana Upstairs will be buried in the ground.

8.  Tommy's mother explained to him that Nana Upstairs can come back

in his memory.

in his dreams.

when he looks at pictures and movies of Nana.

9.  What did Tommy see out of his bedroom window one night?

He saw his Nana.

He saw the moon.

He saw a star fall from the sky.

10.  How did Mother explain what Tommy saw?

She said it might be a kiss from Nana Upstairs.

She said it was Nana Upstairs smiling at him.

She said it was a beautiful sight to see.

11.  Who dies a long time later when Tommy is grown up?

Nana Downstairs

Grandfather Tom

Tommy's wife

12.  When does Tommy think to himself, "Now they are both Nana Upstairs?"

When he looks at the movies.

When he sees another star gently fall through the sky.

When Nana downstairs dies.



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