304 When I Am Old With You

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1.  Who is the main character in this book going to sit in a big rocking chair with when he is old with him?




2.  Where will they go fishing?

In an old pond with flat rocks all around.

In an ocean.

In a river with flat rocks all around.

3. Where will they play cards all day?

At the kitchen table.

On the front porch.

Underneath the old tree by the road.

4.  What will they find in the old cedar chest?

books and games

clothes from Granddaddy's grandadddy

Granddaddy's toy trains

5.  When might they cry together?

As they sing old songs.

As they remember Grandmother.

As they look at old pictures.

6.  What will they only eat for breakfast?




7.  What do they plan to see on a road trip?

New York

a baseball game

the ocean

8.  When the trip is over what do they plan to do?

Take pictures of New York, so they'll never forget it.

Follow the ocean as far as they can, so they'll never forget it.

Buy a baseball cap.

9.  As they ride together on the tractor what will they remember?

They will remember when a field was a forest.

They will remember when cows used to graze there.

They will remember planting corn in the field.

10.  At the end of their walk what will they do?

They will eat popcorn.

They will sit down in rocking chairs.

They will go for another ride.



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